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Commercial law

Businesses and entrepreneurs

Many branches of the economy are subject to increasing requirements from legislators and authorities. Issues as diverse as competition law, public procurement law, environmental law or product safety law are all subject to constant change and tightening of the rules. The challenge for businesses is to wisely position themselves in this demanding environment. Successful businesses know how to comply with the legal requirements and how to make use of legal rights and freedoms.

Naske Rechtsanwälte advise in all areas of commercial law. Our clients can trust our expertise regarding compliance and know that our advice will include possible choices, rights and freedoms under the law. For our clients, we find solutions that are legally certain and commercially sensible.

Our clients turn to us when they are structuring their businesses, transactions and projects. We deliver customized contracts according to the needs of our clients, from sales and purchase agreements to cooperation agreements to articles of association. We develop general terms and conditions and, if our client so instructs us, continuously monitor that they remain up-to-date. We are at our clients' side during contract negotiations. We answer questions of compliance and train entrepreneurs and employees. And, of course, we represent businesses and individuals in court as well as in any out-of-court negotiations.