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Criminal law concerning businesses

Advice and criminal defence for entrepreneurs and management

Attempting to have more freedom, increasing performance or simply earning more: there are many reasons to become an entrepreneur or to take on a management role. But those who assume responsibility are also exposed to risks and must exercise particular caution. In an economic context, allegations that a mistake has been made can sometimes escalate quickly and may even lead to the accusation that a crime has been committed. In the world of economy, this mostly refers to tax crimes or other offences of the supplementary penal provisions, such as environmental crimes. However, accusations can also move into core areas of criminal law. For years, courts have been struggling to define the crime of embezzlement (Section 266 of the German Criminal Code). But nontheless entrepreneurs and managers must not cross the line between right and wrong, even where it is not easily recognisable.

Naske Rechtsanwälte stand by their clients in, at times, difficult situations and are available to them at all times. We give advice to management and entrepreneurs who wish to avoid mistakes or defend themselves against the accusation of a mistake. Furthermore, we work as defence lawyers in matters of criminal law concerning businesses, particularly white collar and tax crime, and represent the defence in preliminary proceedings and in court.